Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 5

So yesterday not much got done. I was all by myself so I just finished up a few projects that were lying around. I the bar in places the palm sander won't reach and finished all I could reach if the "door thing" (which is what we call it as we are not sure it has a name. Divider maybe? I dunno) and waited around for Daddy Chef to get home from his trip. Not super productive n=but it was boring stuff that needed to get done and it did. Today we are doing a Home Depot run and probably a Lee Valley one so that we can sand and stain the bar!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

So this is really white trashy food but not gonna lie it's a family favorite. Also It may be a winter menu spoiler. However I usually make puff pastry cheese straws to go with it. If you aren't crazy like me and live in Canada Presidents Choice makes an AWESOME frozen puff pastry dough that I love. For Cheese Straws that go with this recipe just brush with butter or olive oil and sprinkle on some parmesan, chili flakes, basil and oregano. Tasty.





  1. mmmmm Lee Valley
    pick me up a scraper blade while you're there - I gots a new kitchen island with the butcher block.

  2. We have a huge Block table at the resto with a fish cutter on it. If you know anyone who's interested!!!!!