Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Full day!

So today is the first full day of our ownership! My GM and I didn't get much done yesterday due to the portuguese "water of life" that the former owner pressed onto us. It was moonshine, hence the reason I did not update lastnight. So today we actually get some work done!!! We have a lot of work ahead of us but I think we can do it. I'd really like Daddy Chef to come back from his trip and be amazed at how much we've done. Not sure how much I'll be able to update today as we don't have internet at the resto right now but hopefully I'll be able to do a quick one when I get home. Until then not much to update. Hopefully we'll start working on the bar today with the fantastic Breakable Woman so yay!!!

Update!!! So we just got home from wrecking day!!! We got a lot done, got all the decals and rails off the walls and stripped all the barstools. Doesn't sound like a lot but Daddy Chef will freak when he gets home!!! Tomorrow patching walls and stripping the bar!!!!!! Wish us Luck!!!!!

Until then here is a great Saturday recipe It taked forever but is quite possibly my favorite ratatouille recipe ever. Since it takes so long I reccomend making a double recipe so that you can freeze some of it. If vac sealed you can taste some fresh summer in the middle of winter!!! At least it's this summer. Is anyone else LOVING the veg this year? I made a peach pie ou of underipe peaches the other day and NO ONE NOTICED!!! Ok I'm off topic and I need to wrap this up. Enjoy this rat as everything seems to be perfectly sweet this year. I promise when the veg are gone the memory of this will get you through the winter!!!


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