Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Frustration and Frosting

This is harder than I thought. I am trying to do so many things. I wanted this to be an outlet. A way for me to vent my feelings and creativity out into the tubes that is the interwebs. I have been cooking everyday, cooking for a five and a half person household and yet I cannot get this blog done! It makes no sense. I have to try harde remember to take pictures, but where the heck doid my camera go? Man do I hate b*tching but Argh. Babykins is teething. Maybe once the buisness plan is done and the baby is done teething I will have a few minutes. I WILL do a recipe tomorrow, maybe even tonight. Iam reminded of a small steam engine. Whatever, Not like anyone is reading this yet anyway. Until next time here are some pictures of cupcakes. And yes I made said cupcake. They are choclolate salted caramel, (some with ganache icing others with vanilla buttercream) and lemon cupcakes filled with lemon curd with vanilla buttercream.

Ah.... now I feel better. If there is anyone reading this and you would like the recipes for these and maybe decorating tips let me know. I would love an excuse to make these again they were very yummy!

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